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How to publish your children's book?

How to Publish A Children's Book in 2022 (6 Simple Steps) Writing Your Children's Book. Before planning and writing your children's book, pinpoint exactly who your target audience is. ... Edit the Book Prior to Publishing. After you've drafted your children's book, it's time to edit. ... Get Illustrations for Your Children's Book. ... Publishing Your Children's Book on Amazon. ... Pre-Launch Basics. ... Children's Book Release Day. ...

Are "Goosebumps" books good for kids?

goosebumps is a good but scary book series there about 62 or more in the series depends what series it is my favourite ones in the series are little shop of hamsters, monster blood, why I’m afraid of bees, beast of the east, the 12 screams of Christmas, a night in terror tower, and the girl who cried monster some of the books in the series are scarier than others especially were wolf of fever swamp where it talks about animals being killed but since there kid books there ok for old enough ...

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