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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best children's book publishers?

75 Children’s Book Publishers Currently Accepting Submissions Children’s Book Publishers 1. Holiday House 2. Arbordale Publishing 3. Immedium 4. Lee & Low Books 5. Eklavya 6. Albert Whitman & Company 7. Charlesbridge Publishing 8. Free Spirit Publishing 9. Little Tiger Press 10. Workman Publishing 11. Kane Miller 12. Pants On Fire Press

How do I publish a children's book?

You can self-publish your book, hire a publishing services company or hybrid publisher, or find a legitimate children’s book publisher. Here’s our list of 75 publishers that publish children’s book. Please note that some of these publishers accept unsolicited and unagented submissions, while others only accept submissions from literary agents.

How competitive is children's book publishing?

Children’s book publishers are constantly looking for new talent with new stories to share. However, the world of children’s book publishing is very competitive and they only accept a small percentage of the books authors submit.

Who are Candlewick children's book publishers?

It is one of the more commonly known children’s book publishers today. Candlewick are proud of their commitment to truly independent publishing and helping their authors and illustrators to produce books that young readers love. Candlewick accepts submissions from both authors and illustrators.

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