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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the add-ons for programmer art fix?

Notice: The add-ons for Programmer Art Fix (this resource pack) are here: Programmer Art Fix Add-ons (including title screen panorama with old textures, Programmer-Art-styled fish item textures, etc. )

What is the programmer Art Resource Pack?

This resource pack is mainly for fixing the issues in Programmer Art. Some of the texture issues that fixed in this resource pack are below: Note: While you are using this pack, make sure it is above Programmer Art.

What is uprogrammer plus?

Programmer Plus is a fix for Programmer Art that makes pretty much ALL of the textures added after 1.13 to resemble the style of the classic textures before the Texture Update in the Village & Pillage update.

What is Jappa's programmer art+?

Programmer Art+ is a Resource Pack for both versions of Minecraft that replaces most of the textures Jappa made with versions that look closer to the original Minecraft texture style. It is to be used on top of the normal Programmer Art pack the comes with Minecraft: Java Edition, or the Minecraft Classic Textures pack found in the Bedrock Store.

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