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Frequently Asked Questions

What is profile advantage®?

Profile Advantage® provides a mobile-friendly communication hub that enables your company to deliver a personalized candidate experience at nearly every step of the hiring journey. No matter where in the world your candidate is located, they can submit their information quickly and easily, whenever is most convenient for them.

Who is first advantage® and why do they have information about me?

Who Is First Advantage® And Why Do They Have Information About Me? First Advantage is a consumer reporting agency that provides information to employers and to the multi-family housing industry. Employers may obtain your consumer report also know as a background screening report, to assist them in making employment decisions.

Is first advantage a credit reporting agency?

First Advantage is also a reseller of information maintained by the three national credit reporting agencies (CRA’s): Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion®; however, it is important to understand that information from the credit bureaus is not maintained by First Advantage. What Is A Consumer Report?

How do I obtain a copy of my first advantage consumer file?

You may obtain a copy of your First Advantage consumer file disclosure in one of three ways: Call our toll-free number: 800.845.6004 Fax request to 727.214.2127 You may also write to us at: The Information In My File Is Not Correct, How Do I Dispute It?

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