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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I become an English professor?

Become an English professor by getting an undergraduate degree in English, reading as much as possible and completing a master's degree and doctorate program in an English specialty. Consider minoring in education during undergraduate college with advice from a writer and instructor in this free video on English.

What are the requirements of an English professor?

Most schools require English professors to hold a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). The first degree you'll need is a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English, which is a 4-year degree program that will teach you about writing, literary criticism and English literature, poetry and drama.

What does English professor mean?

The definition of a professor is a teacher at a college or a university, or an instructor in a specialized field. A man who teaches English at Harvard University is an example of an English professor. Any person claiming or assumed to be especially skilled or experienced in some art, sport, etc. One who professes.

What is an English professor?

An English literature professor teaches English-language literature and related subjects at a college or university. In most cases, an English professor is also required to publish articles and write books about literature.

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