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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce prix fixe in English?

English speakers shouldn't be expected to know the ins and outs of French pronunciation, but since this borrowed term has (mostly) retained its French pronunciation, you might want to remember that the final consonant in a French word is often silent unless there's an e after it. This means that in prix fixe, the prix is pronounced like \PREE\ .

What does prix fixe mean in a restaurant?

prix fixe. a fixed price charged for a complete meal chosen usu. from a limited menu. table d' hote, prix fixe - Table d' hote, literally "table of the host," is a complete meal with specified courses for a set price—and means the same as prix fixe.

Is “prix fixe” the same as “table d'hôte?

The OED describes “prix fixe” as a noun that’s frequently used attributively—that is, adjectivally. The dictionary says it’s the same as “a table d’hôte meal” and the opposite of a meal that’s “à la carte.” We’d add that “table d’hôte” (like “prix fixe”) has different meanings in French and English.

What is the meaning of priprix fixe?

prix fixe 1 A complete meal of several courses, sometimes with choices permitted, offered by a restaurant at a fixed price. 2 A fixed price charged for such a meal. 3 See table d'hôte. More ...

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