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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a presale?

— Brooke Edwards As stated earlier, a presale is literally a sale of your film to a particular territory before the film is made. — Stacey Parks … said most developers would now need a large number of presales to get bank backing.

What are the pre-sale requirements for UPP presale?

Presale will require KYC. Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 UPP Bonus: 15% (For example, 1 ETH = 5,750 UPP at the presale round) Lockup for bonus: The bonus tokens will be released 180 calendar days after the first distribution date. Hard Cap for Pre-sale - 24000 ETH Vesting Period - 20% after ICO, then 20% per time (4 months).

Are these projects still in the presale phase?

These projects are still in presale phase. Be careful when investing into presales - these projects are very new and scams can happen. For more information how to spot scams, please read our article How To Spot Scams .

What is a standard pre order form?

Standard Pre Order Form What Is a Pre Order Form? A pre-order form is a printed or digital document that customers need to fill out when they want to purchase a product in advance. The document appears like a purchase order form, but the purpose is for the advance purchase of a product before it is even released.

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