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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BCC software customer portal?

The BCC Software Customer Portal is a secure and private site designed exclusively for BCC Software customers. You can check it frequently for important announcements, technical updates, industry issues, product information, and more.

How long has BCC software been in business?

For over 40 years, BCC Software has not been just leading the postal software industry, but shaping it.

What is BCC mail manager full service™?

Exclusively designed to meet the needs of premier-level mailers, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ provides high volume operations with the requirements they need and the maximum flexibility they want in a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Why choose UBCC software?

BCC Software is entrenched in all things postal, and has been since 1978. This not only ensures our products and services are always on the leading edge of technology, but that we deeply understand the needs and challenges that printers and MSPs face today.

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