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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use an ozone generator?

Ozone generators are to be used with caution . Although they are considered safe in industrial and medical applications where strict safety standards are to be followed, using them at home poses serious danger to human health. The amount of ozone required to eliminate viruses and bacteria exceeds public health standards.

What is ozone water filter?

Ozone filters are a common water filtration technology. Ozone kills bacteria and other microorganisms, and is often used in conjunction with other filtering technologies. It is not effective in removing chemical contaminants.

What is an ozone machine?

An ozone machine is a device that generates ozone, which is a naturally occurring gas in the earth’s atmosphere that is composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). Often referred to as an ozone generator, an ozone machine is commonly used to improve the air quality of the interior of a room or building by removing strong odors that may be present.

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