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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Popeyes have a secret menu?

That’s right, just like In-N-Out and McDonald’s, the New Orleans chain has a secret menu. Unlike its fast-food counterparts, Popeyes secret menu is less about providing a secret password and more about asking nicely and putting in some DIY effort.

Does Popeyes have any specials?

Yes! Popeyes Chicken coupons are available when you become a rewards member, download the Popeyes app, or check the “offers” section of the Popeyes website. How much is 8 pieces of chicken at Popeyes? What are KFC specials today? Streetwise Five with Large Chips: R81.90. Streetwise Three with Chips: R45.90. Streetwise Three with Pap: R45.90.

What is Popeyes daily special?

What is Popeyes daily special? by Foodly Experts il y a environ 4 mois 2.6k Views. What is Popeyes daily special? Monday: 3 Louisiana Chicken Tenders – $3.99. Tuesday: 2 Pieces Bonafide Chicken – $2.79. Wednesday: Any Big Easy Sandwich – $3.99. Thursday: 3 Pieces Bonafide Chicken – $3.99. Consequently, What is the honey at Popeyes for?

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