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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Popeyes daily specials for 2022?

Apart from its regular signature chicken piece combos, Popeyes is also very famous for its crispy and juicy sandwiches. These sandwiches are very much in demand all the time and go very well with anything else on the Popeyes daily specials 2022 menu! In this particular combo meal, you can get four tasty chicken sandwiches for only 20 dollars.

What is Popeyes Chicken special on Tuesday?

Popeyes Chicken special is a treat for them on Tuesday. So this day is urging day for Popeyes customers to have Tuesday’s special meal. They will offer two pcs of dark Chicken, one leg, and one thigh.

How much is a daily meal at Popeyes?

Browse the Popeyes Daily Deals Canada, and find the current Popeyes Specials and Coupons for more savings - Popeye's Daily Meal Starting at $ 3.49

How many Popeyes restaurants are in Canada?

Popeyes, a fast food restaurant known to have its roots in Louisiana and now found all over the world as well is expanding into Canada. In fact it’s been reported there are 259 locations across Canada. However, Ontario is the province with 208 locations that make up 80% of all Canadian stores.

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