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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four functions of the placenta?

The placenta functions as an endocrine organ. It secretes both peptide and steroid hormones, which act to maintain pregnancy and prepare for parturition and lactation.

What causes a small placenta?

Other factors associated with small placentas include accelerated placental maturation and major fetal malformations. Unevenly accelerated placental maturation is the characteristic consequence of pre-eclampsia and chronic maternal hypertension (which reduce blood flow from the uterus to the placenta).

What causes a placenta to detach?

Sometimes, delivering the first baby can make the placenta separate before the next baby is ready to be born. Abdominal trauma. This could happen if you fall and hit your belly. It could also happen in a traffic accident if your abdomen is injured, so always remember to buckle up.

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