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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pita stand for?

PITA: Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance (Pennsylvania Department of Community and ...

What does Pita mean in texting?

pita - pain in the a** (“Studying for finals is a pita.”) pls or plz - please (“Can I borrow your computer pls?”) ppl - people (“A bunch of ppl were asking about you tonight.”) r - are (“R u ok?”) tom/2mrow - tomorrow (“Want 2 c a movie tom?”) u - you (“Where were u today?”) ur - your/you're (“U left ur camera at my house.”)

What is a pita in slang?

pita Definition: PITA literally stands for “Pain In The Ass”. It’s a code nurses use to warn their fellow nurses about an uncooperative patient or relative.

What is the acronym Pita?

Palestinian Information Technology Association. PITA. Pacific International Trapshooting ...

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