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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all pita bread vegan?

Vegan is the absence of animal derived food in your meals. like , meat ,eggs , milk (and its derivatives like butter cheese and yogurt) and honey. it might for some people extending to not hurting animals at all like wearing fur, or leather products. and yes the pita bread is considered vegan unless it was made of something that was animal derived.

What do you put in pita bread?

Pita bread is mostly used to make sandwiches. Cut it in half, and insert the sandwich filling in the "pocket" or put the filling in between two pita breads and heat it with a sandwich press. The filling could be made of salami, smoked ham, lettuce and cheese topped with either mayonnaise or mustard or both.

How is pita bread eaten?

Pita bread gets its famous "pocket" when raw pita bread is baked and subjected to a steaming process that causes the dough to puff up in the middle of the bread. Eventually, it begins to flatten as it cools, leaving the famous pocket behind into which all kinds of foods are placed and eaten as a sandwich-type meal.

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