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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best schools for phlebotomy certification?

What Are the Best Phlebotomy Schools in the USA?University of Alaska. Located in Fairbanks, the University of Alaska offers a one-year training program for those going into the phlebotomy field.Baker College. ...Madison Area Technical College. ...Goodwin College. ...Ferris State University. ...Columbia Basin College. ...Dixie State College of Utah. ...Bellevue College. ...National Career Education. ...Ultimate Medical Academy. ...

What training do I need to become a phlebotomist?

Important Facts About This OccupationOn-the-Job Training. A college program isn't always required to become a phlebotomist. Some hospitals, clinics, and blood banks provide on-the-job training for phlebotomy applicants.Certification. After receiving training, you can take exams to be certified as a phlebotomist at the state or national level.

How to become a phlebotomy instructor certified by the ACA?

Application must be completed, signed and received at least 15 days before the scheduled examination dateAll applications are subject to content verification and approvalIneligible applicants will be refunded the examination fee minus a $35.00 processing feeNo refunds will be made for no-shows on the exam dateMore items...

What do you learn in phlebotomy training?

What do you learn in phlebotomy training?Medical terminology.CPR and first aid.Anatomy and physiology.Phlebotomy lab skills, such as venipuncture, urinalysis, and certrifuging and processing.Diseases of the human body.

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