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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I Lose my Peggo card?

We recommend that all post-secondary students register their peggo cards. If you lose a registered peggo card, you will have the ability to recover the remaining value from the card and transfer it to a new card. If your peggo card is lost or stolen you’ll need to report this. There are two ways you can report your card as lost or stolen:

Why Register my Peggo card?

Why register your peggo card? must be registered to continue to receive fare discounts. Protect your balance when your card is lost or stolen.

How does the 75 minute transfer work on Peggo?

When you pay your fare using e-cash on your peggo card, a 75 minute transfer is automatically encoded on your card with the date and time, so when you board your connecting bus, your peggo card knows whether you are entitled to a transfer or are required to pay an additional fare.

Can I load my U-Pass Peggo card with any fares?

We advise not to load your U-Pass peggo card with any fares, as the card will cancel. If you return to studies during the regular session and become U-Pass eligible, you can visit the UMSU Service Centre and pick one up. IS THERE A SPRING OR SUMMER TERM U-PASS?

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