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Frequently Asked Questions

How to style Peekaboo highlights on your hair?

Short hair with peekaboo highlights is very trendy and will certainly make you look outstanding. Opt for a short pixie cut and a mahogany color. For the bangs and temples, choose a bright, vivid shade of blonde and style the peekaboo highlights. 2. Blue Purple Peekaboo Highlights Purple hair is electric and an immediate attention-getter.

What is a peek a boo hairstyle?

This moonstone silver peek-a-boo hairstyle was created by placing sliced foils below the crown using Joico Color Intensity in the color Moonstone. The placement of the foils makes it appear as though the color is “peeking” out.

What color is red Peekaboo hair?

The color is a violet red with a mixture of copper peekaboos, which are the chunky highlights. Made by hairstylist Cassandra Jimenez of California, she says “I love the boldness that the copper peekaboos have against the deep caramel red hair color.” Jimenez ‘s top advice is to be ready to maintain such red peekaboo hair.

Can you add a peek a Boo to your highlights?

When the highlight placement is done right, peek a boo highlights can also be subtle. Just like the lovely lady in this photo did, you can add a peek of blonde to really make your curls pop! Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to your hair.

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