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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to peak in high school?

peaked in high school (n./adj.) This phrase can be used to describe people that routinely bring up high school when they are well into their 30's, because they haven't had a single exciting or interesting experience since their senior year, and as such their lives and themselves are said to have, "peaked in high school.". Colin Coster

Is peaking in high school the best years of Your Life?

Peaking in high school often brings up the image of the football quarterback dating a cheerleader. But quite frankly, if those truly the best years of your life, it’s just sad. First and foremost, there’s college for many people.

Do Geeks peak in high school or middle school?

I have noticed a lot of athletes, clowns, and bullies peaked in high school, whereas geeks, nerds, and dweebs are often at the lowest risk of 'peaking', because their high school experience (s) leave them no where to go but up. Get the peaked in high school neck gaiter and mug.

What car did you peak in high school?

The only thing that came close to peaking in high school for me was my sweet ’75 Firebird. That was a nice car. But again, after I graduated I ended up owning a Yamaha TX500 and a Fiat X1/9 (at the same time!) To me, the archetypal “peaked in high school” individual was the popular football captain who now has a used car lot with 15 cars.

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