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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for peaked?

Peaked: tapering to a thin tip. Synonyms: pointed, pointy, sharp… Antonyms: blunt… Find the right word.

What is the difference between peak and peak?

When do you use peaked? A peak, on the other hand, is “the pointed top of something, such as a mountain.” When speaking figuratively, a peak is the highest or most important point or level, as in campaigning with the president was the peak of her political career.

What does it mean to peak in the 1980s?

As a verb, peak (past tense peaked) means “to attain the highest point of activity, development, or popularity,” as in “The artist peaked in the 1980s.” In in the 2000s, we’ve even taken to using peak as an adjective for a kind of point of saturation, e.g., With so many great shows to watch, I can hardly keep up.

What does it mean to take a peek?

The first one we learn is peek: it has to do with looking, especially furtively or quickly or through a small space, as in "open the box and peek inside." It's both a noun and a verb; when you peek, you take a peek. Our advice for remembering this one is to keep in mind that you p ee k in order to s ee.

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