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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are PCI pathologists?

All of our pathologists are board-certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology and are fellowship-trained in their respective subspecialties. The PCI pathologists incorporate a collaborative consulting practice within and outside the group to ensure every report is of the highest standards.

When do pathologists discuss critical results?

Our pathologists discuss all critical results directly with the patient's treating physician immediately upon diagnosis. This consultation is available day or night, including weekends and holidays, to assist referring physicians in treating their patients promptly.

What does a PCNM pathologist do?

PCNM pathologists are also boarded in clinical pathology. They provide consultation and management services and medical directorship for hospitals, clinical labs, and medical clinics throughout New Mexico. PCNM maintains a statewide courier system to transport specimens to our facility. Scheduled routine, on-call, and “stat” pickups are available.

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