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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was killed in Parkland shooting?

Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior Nicholas Dworet was among the 17 victims shot and killed at the Parkland high school in Wednesday’s mass shooting.

What is Nikolas Cruz sentence?

Cruz faces a possible 15-year sentence if convicted of attempted criminal battery on a law enforcement officer and three lesser charges. Cruz will get either death or life in prison without parole if he is later found guilty of first-degree murder, but this trial still has relevance.

When is Nikolas Cruz trial?

Nikolas Cruz, Parkland high school shooting suspect, waives right to speedy trial. Judge Elizabeth Scherer of Broward County Circuit Court agreed, setting another court date for May 25, but giving no indication of an initial trial date. Typically, a felony defendant must go to trial within 175 days of arrest, unless he waives his right to a speedy trial.

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