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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Paris Texas about?

A quiet yet deeply moving kind of Western, Paris, Texas captures a place and people like never before (or after). Read critic reviews A disheveled man who wanders out of the desert, Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton) seems to have no idea who he is.

What is the message of Paris Texas?

Does he remember? Wim Wenders' "Paris, Texas" (1984) is the story of loss upon loss. This man, whose name is Travis, was once married and had a little boy. Then that all went wrong, and he lost his wife and child, and for years he wandered.

What is the theme of Paris Texas by Wim Wenders?

The screenplay was written by Sam Shepard, that playwright of alienation and rage, and it reflects themes that repeat all through Wenders' career. He is attracted to the road movie, to American myth, to those who stand outside and witness suffering. Travis in "Paris, Texas" is like Damiel, the guardian angel in " Wings of Desire ."

Should Paris Texas be considered a Western?

Paris, Texas belongs in the road movie genre, but The Guardian critic Guy Lodge suggested it could also be considered a western film.

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