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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the parent portal?

To open a new Parent Portal account: You will need an email account on record with your child's school. ... If you are not already registered with the school as a contact of your child or have not provided the school with your email address, complete the Security Request Form ... Review the Parent Portal instructions. Create an account on the Parent Portal. More items...

How to access the parent portal?

Accessing Your Parent Portal Welcome E-mail. Before you can log in to ChildCarers to view your child's portfolio you need to have a welcome email which is sent to you by ChildCarers on ... Logging into the Parents Portal. To log in for the first time on the computer you should use the links in the second section titled 'To Access Your Child's ... Resetting your password. ... More items...

How do I enable the parent portal?

How do I enable the Parent Portal? To enable to Parent Portal you would go to Settings > Parent Portal > Click Enable Parent Portal. From here, you will be prompted to set up the sections and permissions that you wish to give parents. Take your time going through here and click Save when you are done.

How to access parent portal www.richland2?

HOW TO ACCESS PARENT PORTAL Parents can go to the Richland Two website (, in the upper right click on Parent Portal. This will bring up the login screen with instruction to Create and Account and a "Learn More" link for more in-formation, or they can go straight to to to ...

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