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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ozone therapy help with impotence?

Whatever the underlying cause , the ozone treatment of impotence, erectile dysfunction , so this problem is reduced or eliminated over time sabredilirse . Widens blood vessels leading to the penis and the penis of ozone therapy increases the amount of blood and oxygen .

What is high dose ozone therapy?

High Dose Ozone Therapy (Major Auto Hemotherapy) is conducted intravenously and is quite similar to the experience you may have when giving blood. Blood is expressed from the vein into a surgical-grade bottle and mixed with Ozone & medical-grade Oxygen under hyperbaric pressure.

Who wrote the history of ozone therapy?

The primary text of this document, which is historic in and by itself, was compiled and written by Ed McCabe, one of the strongest public advocates of ozone and oxygenation therapy in the world. In this compilation, Ed Mccabe documents the history of ozone therapy with a large references section.

What is ozone therapy and how does it work?

Ozone therapy creates a temporary, controlled, and moderate oxidative stress on the body – essentially, a little bit of inflammation. The body responds with a surge of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules.

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