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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ozone CPAP cleaners safe to use?

One should use the CPAP ozone cleaners which have USB seal from both inside and outside to prevent Ozone from directly venting into the room. And the final answer to the question, "Are Ozone CPAP Cleaners safe to use?" we could say that it is safe to use if you choose the one with high safety functions.

Do you need a CPAP cleaner like soclean or Lumin?

You do not need to have a CPAP cleaning device if you use a CPAP machine, but it can be something that makes your life a lot easier. Instead of cleaning your CPAP machine by hand, a CPAP cleaner like SoClean will do all the work for you.

Is soclean safe to use?

According to the case, SoClean’s devices are so unsafe that several of the largest CPAP machine manufacturers in the United States require buyers to acknowledge that they have been informed that they will void the warranty of their machine should they clean it with a SoClean device.

Do CPAP ozone sanitizers work?

Ozone gas and UV light machines that claim to clean CPAPs do not have FDA clearance or approval, meaning that the FDA has not found that ozone gas and UV light cleaners work to kill germs on CPAPs and are safe.

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