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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the equalizer module in Ozone?

Ozone includes two Equalizer modules (in addition to its Dynamic EQ), each with eight bands of adjustable filters and a variety of filter shapes. Use the Equalizer for initial shaping of your master, then take advantage of Post-EQ later in the signal chain.

What is iZotope ozone 9?

iZotope “Ozone 9” is a plug-in effect for mastering developed by iZotope. iZotope can adjust the sound pressure etc. of 2 mix with the master of DAW. Ozone has been equipped with AI functions since 8 and can meet a wider range of needs.

What is ozone 9 and how does it work?

Like most of iZotope’s products, Ozone 9 isn’t just one simple plug-in, but rather a full suite of different tools designed to help you achieve a bigger goal. For Ozone 9, that goal is mastering audio! Ozone is an industry-standard plugin used by countless professionals to help take their recorded tracks from the mixing stage to the release stage.

What is EQ scaling in Ozone pro?

Ozone Pro is here! Now with EQ scaling, you can quickly add or remove intensity in your tone without changing the shape of your EQ curve. With Ozone Pro, you get this exciting feature, any future Ozone updates, and much, much more!

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