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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a splitter for a HDMI cable?

The HDMI splitter is a specialized accessory that is used to split an HDMI signal into many, which can then be connected to multiple display devices. An HDMI cable usually has an end that goes into the device output and another end that has two or more HDMI outputs that have been split from the single line.

What is Cat 5 splitter?

CAT5e Splitter. However, a CAT 5e does serve the purpose of splitting a single transmitted signal into two similar output frequencies. A cat 5e splitter accomplishes its purpose of splitting the frequencies when one adaptor is installed at one end of the line and the second adaptor is installed at the seemingly other end.

What is phone line splitter?

A POTS splitter (also called a splitter) is installed on a telephone line that is connected to both data (high-frequency) and voice (low-frequency) devices. The splitter routes the high-frequency and low-frequency signals on the telephone line to the correct device. Signals intended for the router disrupt voice calls.

What is a coaxial cable splitter?

A coaxial splitter is a small piece of electronics hardware which is designed to be attached to a coaxial cable for the purpose of splitting the signal.

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