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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get help with planning my next Orlando Vacation?

You can also get help from Visit Orlando’s brand-new Facebook group, where you can interact with other travelers, travel agents and influencers while planning your next Orlando getaway.

What's included in the Orlando travel guide?

It is packed with help to locate a place where to stay, to dine, and to be entertained. Covers full detailed sections about Orlando's theme parks and tourist attractions. Clear, accurate data. Visitor tips, practical facts about the area and much more.

How many people visit Orlando each year?

Known worldwide for its warm hospitality and sunny disposition, it's no wonder some 48 million visitors a year make Orlando their vacation destination.

What is visit Central Florida’s Vacation Guide?

Visit Central Florida’s vacation guide is a comprehensive guide full of valuable resources about the area’s attractions, hotels and vacation rental homes, restaurants, boutique shops and more. Yes, we will send you a hard copy of our vacation guide for free!

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