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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oriental Daily News a Chinese newspaper?

Oriental Daily News is a Chinese-language newspaper in Hong Kong. It was established in 1969 by Ma Sik-yu and Ma Sik-chun, and was one of the two newspapers published by the Oriental Press Group Limited (Chinese: 東方報業集團有限公司). Relative to other Hong Kong newspapers, Oriental Daily News has an older readership.

Where can I read Oriental Daily? is the flagship website of the Oriental Press Group Limited. It was started in February 2002, and includes e-paper versions of Oriental Daily and Sun Daily. The whole printed version is uploaded onto the web allowing people from all over the world to read. This helps promote online newspaper viewing.

What makes the Oriental Daily so special?

The Oriental Daily is credited for a couple of breakthroughs. In 1977, it was the first local paper to launch a complaint page. These complaints could be against both public agencies (including governmental departments) and private companies. Readers can phone, fax or even complain through the internet using a realtime conference system.

What is the difference between Oriental Daily and Sun Daily?

While Oriental Daily targets at a more mature reader group, Sun Daily was more youthful and adventurous. It is very rich in content - both text and pictures. It also adopts a sensational and critical style when reporting hard news. The paper has been number one in circulation since 1976, with a record readership of over 3,100,000.

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