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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there still people coming to Hong Kong?

Jeffrey Lam, an adviser to the de facto cabinet of chief executive Carrie Lam, says: “There is still coming to Hong Kong. But. . . it seems that a more people are leaving the city.

What was the stock price of New Oriental in 2022?

New Oriental’s stock has continued to sag in 2022, with its Hong Kong shares already slumping from HK$16. 16 ($2. 10) on the year’s first trading day to HK$14. 26 last Friday, representing a drop of about 11. 7%. Yu’s comments failed to halt the trend, with the stock rising a modest 1% on Monday before following U. S. stocks down 4% to HK$13.

What is the price to sales ratio for New Oriental?

In the likely absence of a profit last year, we can use 20% of New Oriental’s revenue from its previous fiscal year to assess this fiscal year’s likely revenue to calculate comparative valuations. That would produce a projected price-to-sales (P/S) ratio of 3.74 times.

Is the death of Hong Kong as we know it?

“People are talking about the ‘death of Hong Kong as we know it’, but that is kind of the point. When anything big changes, for good or bad, the old version dies,” says the veteran Asia head of a large US global fund who intends to remain in Hong Kong.

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