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Frequently Asked Questions

What courts are in Orange County CA?

The Superior Court is a unified state trial court serving the County of Orange. The court has eight locations and hears all matters in criminal, traffic, civil, probate, juvenile, family law, and mental health cases.

Where is probate court in Orange County?

Probate Orange County – Court Information & Forms Orange county Probate Court address: 700 Civic Center Drive West , Santa Ana, CA 92701 It is very important to publish the Notice of Petition to Administer Estate in the proper newspaper! Here is a list of approved newspapers for Orange County: Newspapers Fillable Probate Orange County forms:

Who is the district attorney of Orange County California?

Anthony Joseph Rackauckas Jr. (born March 18, 1943) is the current incumbent District Attorney of Orange County, California and a former Superior Court judge. He was elected on June 2, 1998 and is serving his fourth term in office.

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