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Frequently Asked Questions

What does opt stand for?

OPT stands for Optional Practical Training, this allows F1 students to work on a full time basis for one year after they have completed their studies, in a field related to their major. CPT stands for Curricular Practical Training and allows F1 Students to work for up to 20 hours a week in a field related to their major, while engaging in studies.

What does opted mean?

intr.v. opt·ed, opt·ing, opts To make a choice or decision: opted for early retirement; opted not to go. To choose not to participate in something: "give individual schools the right to opt out of the local educational authority" (Newsweek). To make a choice from a number of alternatives.Also used with for:

What is opt in meaning?

Opt is defined as to make a decision or choice. An example of to opt is to choose to purchase a new car instead of an old one.

What does it mean to opt out?

The term opt-out refers to several methods by which individuals can avoid receiving unsolicited product or service information. This ability is usually associated with direct marketing campaigns such as, e-mail marketing, or direct mail. A list of those who have opted out is called a Robinson list.

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