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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return a gift card to Best Buy?

If you return a gift bought at Best Buy by walking into a physical store, you’ll get store credit for the purchase price. For gifts returned via mail, they’ll credit the gift purchaser and notify them via e-mail.

Can you buy an audible gift card?

No you can't use an Amazon gift card on the audible website. When you purchase audio/kindle books from Amazon you have to use one click to purchase it and it uses your gift card. When you purchase other items from Amazon using one click it will charge your card but not with the kindle books (digital purchases).

How do you buy a Walmart gift card online?

If you want to buy a Walmart gift card, you can get a physical or e-gift card from Walmart or Sam’s Club, in-store or online. If you don’t need a specific amount, you can also purchase a Walmart gift card through a number of resellers, often at a discount.

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