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Frequently Asked Questions

What is open library?

Open Library is a universal catalog for book metadata. Our goal is to create a web page for every book ever published. We call it “Open Library” because it is a collaborative open source initiative, which means that anyone can use and contribute to the Open Library catalog.

What is the Open Library Read API?

The Open Library Read API is intended to make it easy to turn book identifier information (ISBN, LCCN etc.) into direct links to Open Library's online-readable or borrowable books. The Read API is inspired by the Hathi Trust Bibliographic API and is intended to be compatible with it.

How do I add the Internet Archive ID to open library?

Add the Internet Archive ID to the Open Library record in the ID Numbers section. To do this, click Edit to edit the record, scroll down to the ID Numbers section and add the Internet Archive identifier which is the last part of the URL. As an example for this book, the Internet Archive ID is historiaephilipp02just.

How do I sign up for an open library account?

To create your Open Library account, click the “sign up” link at the top right corner of our home page, You will be prompted to enter the following information: We use your email address to administer your account, for example, to send you an email if you lose your password.

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