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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be an oncology nurse?

A minimum of 2,000 hours of adult oncology nursing practice within the four years (48 months) prior to application. Nursing practice may be in clinical practice, nursing administration, education, research or consultation. To qualify as nursing practice, the role must require it be filled only by a Registered Nurse.

How to become an oncology nurse?

The first step to becoming an oncology nurse is to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You can become an oncology certified nurse with an associate’s degree as well, but earning your BSN will open the door to more advancement opportunities in the oncology field later on.

What does an oncology nurse do?

An oncology nurse is a registered nurse who cares for and educates patients who have cancer. Oncology nurses work in a multi-disciplinary team, in a variety of settings, from the inpatient ward, to the bone marrow transplant unit, through to the community.

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