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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average number of Omicron cases per day?

Making up nearly 70 percent of tested samples, genomic sequencing has confirmed that omicron is the dominate variant in our area, which is seeing a seven-day average at an "all time high" of 716 new cases per day, said Katie Towns, director for Springfield-Greene County Health, during the news conference Wednesday.

Why does my back hurt when I have Omicron?

The cause of back pain is probably an increase in the level of inflammation in the body as the immune system fights against the invading virus, which stimulates the muscles and joints. Although it is still too early to know, some doctors suspect that Omicron has a unique effect on the skeletal and muscular system which manifests in muscle pain.

How long does it take for back pain to go away from Omicron?

The good news is that for the most part, back and muscle pains decrease and go away on their own when you recover and the infection clears out of the body, which takes about two weeks. Because Omicron is still considered a new strain, there isn’t enough data to know if back pain will become one of its persistent symptoms.

When was the first case of Omicron in the US?

Federal health officials confirmed the first omicron case in the U.S. on Dec. 1, in a fully vaccinated California resident who recently returned from South Africa, McClatchy News reported.

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