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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an octave pedal for guitar?

Another popular way octave pedals are utilized by guitar players, is to recreate the sound of a bass guitar by configuring the pedal an ‘octave below’ (12 notes below the root note.) Giving the audible illusion of a bass guitar especially when playing notes on the low register strings (low E & A strings.)

How to duplicate an audio track in Ableton?

Duplicate the audio track by right-clicking the track name and selecting Duplicate. Name the first track Main Vocal, and the second track Processed Vocal. Step 2: Double-click the clip on the Processed Vocal track to bring up its Clip view.

Why are octave pedals at the end of the signal chain?

Being at the end of the chain allows the looper to record and loop all of your pedalboard at that present moment. As mentioned, the octave pedal will go at the beginning of the signal chain allowing your notes to track more effectively. Both pedals, therefore, are far apart from each other in the signal chain as they differ in function.

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