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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plasma donation center pays the most?

Which Plasma Donation Center Pays The Most B Positive Plasma. B Positive is a blood plasma collection company that financially compensates people for lifesaving medical situations. BioLife Plasma Services. BioLife, owned by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, has over 80 centers in over 30 states in the US. ... Biotest Plasma Center. ... BPL Plasma Donation Center. ... CSL Plasma. ... Grifols. ... ImmunoTek Bio Centers. ... More items...

How much do they pay for plasma donation?

Donating plasma isn't the most lucrative thing you can do, but it does pay pretty well, and better than some of the other options for making money that are available as well. On average, you can get paid anywhere from $20 to $50 per donation, but since each center offers different compensation rates for donors, you could get paid more or less than this.

How much does blood plasma donation pay?

The amount that you earn for donation depends on the current needs of the donor pool, but the highest paying plasma companies pay anywhere from $ 20 - $ 50 per donation, and you can give twice a week! After your initial visit, the average payment is $25 for a first donations, $ 35 for the second donation of the week.

What does Octapharma mean?

In the name Octapharma, the "octa" is derived from the Greek word for eight, named after the factor which is deficient in haemophilia A patients. Octapharma's inaugural product was the first Factor VIII concentrate using what was then innovative solvent detergent virus inactivation technology.

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