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Frequently Asked Questions

What polygon has 20 sides?

A 20-sided polygon is called an icosagon. Along with having 20 sides, all icosagons have 20 interior angles that add up to a total of 3240 degrees. Regular icosagons have sides of equal length and identical interior angles, each of which measures 162 degrees. Irregular icosagons on the other hand, have sides and angles of varying lengths.

What angle do you cut wood to make an octagon?

360 degrees in a circle divided by 8 for your octagon is a 45 degree angle divided by 2 for your mitre cut is 22.5" on your saw. doesn't matter if its a 2" circle or a 22" circle. you just need to determine the length of your parts.

What are the names of all the polygons?

Some polygon names include triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon and septagonn. Most polygon names are derived from a Greek word referring to the number of sides a shape has. A polygon is a closed connection of line segments. Each line segment is called a side.

What is the formula for an octagon?

The Math. A regular octagon is an eight sided polygon where all of the sides are the same length (s), with a height (h), one can create a octagon shaped object (e.g. column or planter) such as an octagon column is derived by the following formula: Where the Area =`2(1 + sqrt(2))*s^2` for an octagon.

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