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Frequently Asked Questions

What is obscure or pattern glass?

The obscure or pattern glass is perfect for use in shower enclosures and in a commercial setting where privacy holds great Importance. The patterns on the glass distort the vision from the outside while ensures effect transmission of light. Pattern glass is available in numerous different textures for increasing aesthetics & beauty.

What is aquatex obscure glass?

The subtle bends of Pattern 62 glass offer a balanced mixture of obscurity and visibility that has made it an enduring staple in interior design using obscure glass patterns. The bubbly and vibrant pattern of Aquatex Obscure glass, spots light as it passes through it and leaving you feeling the comfortable embrace of privacy and enough light.

Why FAB glass&mirror?

Explore Fab Glass & Mirror and experience the truly phenomenal collection of latest customized frosted glass. The Opaque glass reflects almost 66% of light thrown at it in a room, the best to use in the bathroom, window and attic.

Is pattern glass safe&durable?

Pattern glass is safe & durable design option for enhancing obscurity and augmenting the beauty of the living space or bathroom enclosures. Pattern glass is available with both annealed and tempered glass options and in thickness up to 3/16”. Tempered pattern glass surely provides greater safety and durability as compared to annealed counterpart.

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