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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Oblation Run?

Today, the Oblation Run is held on or about December 16, in honor of the international founding of Alpha Phi Omega on December 16, 1925. * If it’s a group photo, please indicate your position in the picture. Photo 1- I' m the one wearing a black blouse

What does the Oblation statue symbolize?

For activists during the first quarter storm era of the 1970s and today, the Oblation statue has come to symbolize the growing militancy and radicalization of students at the State University. Dondi Tawatao. The Oblation Run is an annual tradition of the members of the Alpha Phi Omega, one of the prominent U.P. fraternities.

What is the Oblation in Diliman?

The Oblation was relocated to Diliman in 1949. What now stands in front of the UP administration building is actually a bronze replica that was unveiled in 1958 in commemoration of UP’s 50th year. The original statue is at the 3rd floor of the main library.

What does the oblation symbolize at the University of the Philippines?

According to the UP website, "The Oblation is the iconic symbol of the University of the Philippines, represented by a man with arms wide-stretched and face facing up, symbolizing selfless offering of one's self to his country." Come Down from the Tower of Individualism, Confront the Realities of our Time.

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