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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at Oakwood?

At Oakwood, our associates are our primary assets which propel us forward. As the leading provider of serviced apartments, Oakwood is continuously growing its presence and we are constantly on the lookout for individuals to grow with Oakwood.

What is the history of Oakwood Apartments?

In 1969, Howard Ruby created the Oakwood Apartments brand, featuring furnished apartment complexes that catered to a broader audience.

Why stay at Oakwood Premier?

Now available at all Oakwood Premier properties. There are no limits to the opportunities to stay somewhere unique. Whether it’s the allure of the vast blue seas or the extraordinary architecture and charm of a property, discover new perspectives of experiencing each destination and dot your travel journeys with unique stories to call your own.

How many countries does Oakwood operate in?

By the year 2001, Oakwood had expanded globally, with locations in Canada, Thailand, China, Korea, Philippines, Japan and the United Kingdom, and regional international offices in EMEA and APAC locations.

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