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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are so many power outages?

Weather-related power outages are increasing across the U.S. as climate change produces more extreme storms and temperature swings. States that design their buildings and infrastructure for hot weather may need to plan for more big chills, and cold-weather states can expect more heat waves.

What to do if there is a power outage?

If you have sunlight outside open as many windows/curtains as possible, and let it light up the room. Stash a few containers of ice cubes in your freezer. If there is a power outage, put them in your refrigerator huddled around perishables (Meat, cheese, eggs, milk, etc).

Does natural gas still flow in power outage?

Answer: It is my understanding that some, but not all, natural gas is pumped by electricity. So, it may, or may not be affected by a power outage. Usually, if the outage is short-term, the gas will stay on. The longer the outage, the more chance of interruptions in gas service.

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