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Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Canton grinder's the best?

I can always count on N. Canton Grinder's to serve excellent food with good service. My husband, a connoisseur of good wings, says their's are the best! We used to love the Grinders in North Canton, but it's going downhill fast recently.

What is a “grinder” in New England?

Looking at New England’s southern shores, it’s clear that Connecticut and Rhode Island say “grinder” more than anything else. The origin of grinder is not well known, though it’s said that the name initially came from the tough Italian bread used to make the sandwich, which you would have to “grind” your teeth through.

What is grinders Above & Beyond?

Welcome to Grinders Above & Beyond A casual family restaurant and local favorite since 1976 with seven locations featuring a variety of items including eastern style grinders, burgers, dinners, flatbreads, and appetizers. Home made soups and desserts a specialty.

How much does an eastern grinder cost?

Original Eastern Grinder $5.75+ Our signature grinder! Capicola, ham, hard salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot peppers, mayo and our Italian dressing. Aviator's Choice Grinder $5.75+

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