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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a warehouse in Norfolk Virginia?

Our warehouse facility in Norfolk, Virginia is 320,000 square feet and has 40 dock doors. This amount of space allows for the import and export of a wide variety of materials. Need reliable warehousing services in Norfolk, VA? Contact us today! Need more warehouse space in Virginia?

What does port Norfolk holdings do?

Port Norfolk Holdings, Inc. represents a family of businesses including Port Norfolk Commodity Warehouse, Inc., Port Norfolk Transport, Inc., and Commodity Distribution, Inc. These companies provide warehousing and transportation solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries.

What are the benefits of Norfolk logistics services?

Our Norfolk logistics services place a special focus on the following: These three aspects provide benefits such as real-time shipping status updates, thorough record-keeping, and shipping accuracy and timeliness. Once your company’s material is packaged and labeled, we can also provide nationwide transportation services.

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