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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsarama the best comic book website?

With regular contributors such as Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada doing his column “Joe Fridays,” to “10 Answers and 1 Question with Dan DiDio,” Newsarama was one of Entertainment Weekly’s “25 favorite online entertainment sites” in 2006 and as one of its “100 Greatest Websites” in 2007. The website has a stellar pedigree.

Is Newsarama owned by future US?

Newsarama is an American website that publishes news, interviews, and essays about the American comic book industry. It is owned by Future US. In 2020, Newsarama was merged with the website GamesRadar+, also owned by FutureUS.

What happened to Newsarama on GamesRadar?

Starting Monday, GamesRadar will feature all the best stories from Newsarama’s archive and new content will be delivered daily from the new site. To spell this out a bit, it means the beloved comic book news URL Newsarama will now be a subsite of GamesRadar+.

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