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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Netflix on a laptop?

Install the Netflix app. From the Start menu, select Store. Select Search from the upper right corner of the screen. Type Netflix in the search box and press Enter. Select Netflix from the results. Select Install. If you are prompted to sign in, sign in with your Microsoft information. Return to the Start menu.

How do I get my Netflix app?

Using the Windows 8 App Open the Start screen. Open the Netflix app. Search for Netflix if you can't find it. Open the Charms bar in the Netflix app. Tap or click the "Settings" button. Select "Sign out.". Confirm that you want to sign out.

How do you get Netflix on your computer?

You can watch Netflix on a TV through your desktop computer by configuring the television as a monitor. In the simplest configuration, you connect the TV and computer using a single HDMI cable.

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