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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mutation surveyor and how does it work?

With significantly increased sequencing outputs, manual reading of sequence results can impede an efficient and accurate analysis. Mutation Surveyor is a useful in silico tool developed by SoftGenetics that assists the detection of sequence variations within Sanger sequencing traces.

What is mutation testing and how does it work?

Mutation testing is a fault-based testing technique where variations of a software program are subjected to the test dataset. This is done to determine the effectiveness of the test set in isolating the deviations. It sounds a little complicated, isn’t it? What You Will Learn:

What is surveyor DNA endonuclease?

This technology is based on a new mismatch-specific DNA endonuclease from celery, Surveyor nuclease, which is a member of the CEL nuclease family of plant DNA endonucleases.

What are the different types of mutants in mutation testing?

Killed Mutants: These are mutants that are killed after mutation testing. We get these when we get different results from the original and mutated versions of the source code. Equivalent Mutants: These are closely related to live mutants, in that, they are ‘alive’ even after running test data through them.

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