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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mutation testing?

Mutation testing is not only done to determine the quality of existing software tests, but also to design new software tests. In mutation testing, a program is modified in small ways. It emphasizes helping testers develop effective tests and detect bottlenecks in the test data of the program. In 1971, Richard Lipton first proposed mutation testing.

What is mutation score?

Mutation Score − Mutation score is the percentage of destroyed mutants with the total number of mutants − If mutation score is 100%, then test cases are considered to be mutation adequate. Studies and experiments have shown that mutation technique is an efficient way to measure the adequacy or appropriateness of test cases.

What is the best mutation testing tool?

Mutation Testing Tools 1 Stryker – Stryker is an open-source mutation testing tool available on GitHub. It supports JavaScript, C#, and Scala. ... 2 PIT Mutation Testing – PIT is an open-source mutation testing tool. It provides test coverage for Java and JVM. 3 Jumble – Jumble was developed in 2003-2006 by Reel Two. ...

How do I improve my mutation score?

Now that we know what a mutation is, we need to improve our mutation score by killing the surviving mutants. Let's take the first mutation – negated conditional – on line 6 as an example. The mutant survived because even if we change the code snippet: The test will pass, and that's why the mutation survived.

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