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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the MTA revolutionize the city's bus system?

The MTA unveiled a plan Monday to revolutionize the city's struggling bus system, vowing to improve service and speed up rides by re-evaluating all 326 bus routes for potential changes, implementing things like all-door boarding and even testing out the use of double-decker buses. The MTA's "Bus Action Plan" is the first step in the "full-scale modernization" of the city's transit system, and looks to specifically address declining bus ridership numbers, New York City Transit ...

What is the MTA certification?

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification is another path to Microsoft's technology certification programs. The MTA certification creates a new entry point to help those who are new to IT to jump start their careers.

What is the MTA, specifically the subway?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) provides local and express bus, subway, and commuter rail service in Greater New York, and operates multiple toll bridges and tunnels in New York City.

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